06sep 22Cursus: Zwangerschap & Middelengebruik

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the VAD (Vlaams expertisecentrrum Alcohol en andere Drugs) we want to announce you the online course : "Pregnancy and Drugs".

Alcohol is omnipresent in our society. Most women who use drugs are of child-bearing age. Smoking cannabis against pregnancy sickness? Drinking brown beer for better breastfeeding?! As crazy as it sounds, false and contradictory information still circulates around this topic. As a healthcare provider, it is important to discuss this. But how do you discuss substance use? How do you give the right information? How do you refer people to the right care? Learn more and follow the free online course on vormingen.vad.be .

Naar de cursus

Contactperson: Lyssa Toyinbo
T 02 423 0336

Warm regards

Marc Raes
President BVK/SBP

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